Chary, S.N.

Production and Operations Management - 5th ed. - Chennai McGraw Hill Education (India) Private Limited 2012 - xxii, app.550p. - Paper

Part One: Role of Production and Operations Management in a Changing Business World Chapter 1: Production and Operations Management Function Chapter 2: Operations Strategy Chapter 3: Services Part Two: Useful Basic Tools Chapter 4: Relevant Cost Concepts Chapter 5: Linear Programming Chapter 6: Capital Budgeting Chapter 7: Queuing Theory Chapter 8: Forecasting Part Three: Imperatives of Quality and Productivity Chapter 9: Quality Management - I Chapter 10: Quality Management - II Chapter 11: New Quality Concepts and Initiatives, Total Quality Management and Six Sigma Chapter 12: Product Design Chapter 13: Maintenance Management - I Chapter 14: Maintenance Management - II (Spare Parts Management) Chapter 15: Work Study Chapter 16: Job Evaluation Chapter 17: Incentive Schemes Chapter 18: Job Redesign Chapter 19: Productivity Part Four: Supply Chain Management Chapter 20: Purchasing Chapter 21: Inventory Models and Safety Stocks Chapter 22: ABC and Other Classification of Materials Chapter 23: Materials Requirement Planning Chapter 24: Other Aspects of Materials Management Chapter 25: Physical Distribution Management Chapter 26: Materials Management - An Integrated View Chapter 27: Supply Chain Management Chapter 28: Outsourcing Part Five: Spatial Decisions in Production and Operations Management Chapter 29: Plan Layout Chapter 30: Cellular Manufacturing Chapter 31: Location of Facilities Part Six: Timing Decisions Chapter 32: Production Planning and Control Chapter 33: Aggregate Planning Chapter 34: Scheduling Chapter 35: Project Management - I Chapter 36: Project Management - II Chapter 37: Just-In-Time Production Chapter 38: Lean Operations Part Seven: Present Concern and Future Directions Chapter 39: Environmental Considerations in Production and Operations Management Chapter 40: Where is Production and Operations Management Headed?


Management--Production and Operations

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