Lury, Giles

Building Brands: 76 Modern Marketing Stories - New Delhi Viva Books Private Limited 2017 - 160p. - Paper


The prisoner and the penguin • The tattooed ankle • From Switzerland with love • The mouse and the car park attendant • The sample of one • The chocolate lover taken for a fool • Beauty and the two undertakers • The charm bracelet and the 52 fundamental errors • To dye for • The inspirational birthday cake • The management who fired themselves • When 250,000 people were wrong • The noisy engine and the quiet clock • The party with extra toys • The ad that didn’t lie • A model brand, a model brand manager • A little weirdness goes a long way • The agency that said “no” • The hamburgers that didn’t get burnt • The jealous Frenchman • The golden web • Flipping the harp • The power of two little words • The stars’ free gifts • The plastic people with the plastic smiles • Batman and the ball boys • The tiger and the committee • Some bins and some fruit • It takes all sorts • The stitching and the email • The spelling mistake, the backrub and 100 zeros • The lipstick and the airline • The bank that likes to say No • Brotherly love? • The woman of many faces • More than a promise • The incisive letter K • The meerkats, the competition and a healthy dose of necessity • Daddy’s good luck charm • M is for Mom’s night off • Good luck’s bad luck • 10 • No frills but lots of laughs • The no scold guarantee • The lonely smoker • The little car’s contribution to low-cost furniture • The glue that wouldn’t stick • The 5,000 failures • The bats, the prince and the sick note • The Dear James letter • If at first you don’t succeed, chew and chew again • Any colour as long as it is army green • A very special brew • The white knight and the choc-ice • A tired old story? • The 13-ton wristwatch • The Rolls Royce and the kettle • Red star at night, brewer’s delight • The no news good news • From the Isle of Skye to Buckingham Palace. a 171-year journey • Where’s Eddie? • The parsimonious boss and the $99 requisitions • The insanely great $50-million gamble • Would you, wouldn’t you? • The t-shirt, the fairy and the brand guardian • A drama and a crisis • Haven’t I seen you somewhere before? • Frisky and playful • From bloody awful to bloody awesome • This little piggy went to market and found inspiration • In hot pursuit of an ice-cold treat (Part 1 of 2) • Stolen with pride (Part 2 of 2) • A meal so good they bought the restaurant • Appearances can be deceptive • Don’t mince your words • The April fool • The Morals


Marketing Management--Brands

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