Georges, Patrick M.

Neuromarketing in Action: How to Talk and Sell to the Brain - New Delhi Kogan Page Limited 2014 - ix, 270p. - Paper

Chapter - 00: Introduction;
Section - ONE: Neuromarketing or the art of selling to the brain;
Chapter - 01: Marketing and its limitations in understanding human intelligence;
Chapter - 02: Neuroscience as a way to discover the secrets of human intelligence;
Chapter - 03: Neuromarketing in question;
Section - TWO: Selling the marketing and organization strategy to the brains of managers and employees;
Chapter - 04: Selling the recommendations of the marketing plan to the brain of managers;
Chapter - 05: Increasing the efficiency of marketers’ intelligence;
Section - THREE: Improving the efficiency of the marketing action: the Neuromarketing method;
Chapter - 06: Be irresistible: satisfy the customer’s senses – Stage 1 of the Neuromarketing method;
Chapter - 07: Be remarkable: please the customer’s brain – Stage 2 of the Neuromarketing method;
Chapter - 08: Be moving: satisfy customers through their emotions to gain their loyalty and ensure they move up the range – Stage 3 of the Neuromarketing method;
Chapter - 09: Be unforgettable: satisfy the customer’s memory – Stage 4 of the Neuromarketing method;
Chapter - 10: Be beyond suspicion: satisfy the customer’s subconscious – Stage 5 of the Neuromarketing method;
Chapter - 11: Be irreproachable: satisfy the customer’s conscience – Stage 6 of the Neuromarketing method;
Chapter - 12: Neuromarketing in application: from cognitive optimization of product conception and display to sales and communication;
Chapter - 13: Neuromarketing in application: sensory marketing in the sales outlet;
Section - FOUR: Perspectives for today... and tomorrow;
Chapter - 14: Value innovation to surprise the customer’s brain;
Chapter - 15: Permission and desire marketing to avoid saturation and rejection by the customer’s brain;
Chapter - 16: Interactivity to improve communication with the customer’s brain;
Chapter - 17: Brand policy to reassure the customer’s brain;
Chapter - 18: Quality to enhance loyalty, and legitimacy to leave the customer’s brain with a clear conscience



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