Powell, Meridith Elliott

Achieving Sales Success and Business Growth: Winning in the Trust and Value Economy - New Delhi Viva Books Private Limited 2015 - x, 213p. - Paper


Chapter 1: The Economic Shift-It’s a Good Thing
Chapter 2: The Changing Landscape
Chapter 3: The Changed Customer
Chapter 4: Embrace Change; Revel in Opportunity
Chapter 5: It’s About Trust & Value – Not Price
Chapter 6: You Are Now the CEO of Customer Service
Chapter 7: Plan for Change
Chapter 8: Standing Still is Moving Backwards
Chapter 9: Strengthen Your Foundation- Know Who You Are
Chapter 10: Market Your Values
Chapter 11: Relationship Building 101
Chapter 12: Connections Are The New Currency
Chapter 13: Sell Small To Sell Big
Chapter 14: Newsflash: Not Everyone Wants to Do Business With You
Chapter 15: Sell Opportunity- Become a Partner and an Advocate
Chapter 16: Overfill Your Sales Funnel
Chapter 17: Yes, You Can Succeed in This New Economy
Chapter 18: What’s Next


Management--Success in Business

650.1 / PO-A